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Why you are only trying to grow flowers in your garden? Have you ever tried to make a garden using vegetablesYes, you can. May be you have tried or not, here are some few ideas to make a vegetable garden at your home. Flowers is not only one to decor your garden. Think about colorful fruits and vegetables. They also can make your garden more beautiful.

So, have you made a plan about vegetable gardens? Here are some vegetable garden layout ideas for you. Whether your garden is dry or normal, large or small, sunny or shady, using containers or beds, we are showing you the perfect vegetable garden plan or layout ideas for any type of yard. You can choose the suitable one that you want. So let's see.


1.      Backyard and Family Garden Layout Idea

Normally, the spaces will be situated at the back of the house, that’s why it is also called a backyard garden. The garden layout will be a traditional row or raised vegetable beds. In this type of layout, the soil type will be a clay soil. In the family garden layout, you can make a plan to grow,

·         Tomato, peas, cucumber, sweet pepper, carrot, lettuce, okra on the same row or
·         Basil, chamomile, dill, cilantro, sage, parsley on the same row or
·         Sweet corn, marigold and summer squash on the same row

2.      Kitchen Garden Layout Idea (potagers)

If you have made a plan to grow vegetable and fruit together inside and outside your kitchen door, you can consider this kitchen garden layout. The garden layout will be a raised bed or potager or square foot garden. In this layout, sunny weather is more preferable than shade. You can grow arugula, nasturtium, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, ruby king, celery, basil, cantaloupe, shallots, onion, beet, spinach, rosemary, kale, leek, and carrot together. You also can grow Cabbage, beet Squash (summer season) and Beans (winter season) on the same plants.

3.      Vegetable Garden Layout - Partial Shade Idea

Most of the herbs and vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight on daytime, but it is said that some vegetables and herbs will tolerate on ‘partial shade’, these vegetables include spinach, potatoes, parsnips, parsley, lettuce, kale, garlic, cilantro, chard, carrots, and beets.

The garden plan below the layout of ‘partial shade’ will have sunlight loving vegetables. For example, there will be needed some shadow on the first plan, on the left of the shade (where full sunlight can’t reach) is used to grow the leafy greens (except squash and tomatoes). On the other hand, full sun is needed for growing squash, beans, corn and tomatoes.

So, the second plan is to use the top side of the shade growing the vegetables and herbs that are like the full sun. 

4.      Dry Vegetable Garden Layout Idea

If you think about making a dry garden, you must have to consider using irrigation and aquaponics. This type of plant is especially for those who live in a desert climate area or the drought sensitive area

The soil type of the layout will be light or sandy. Because of its’ soil, there is needed to focus irrigation system or watering system on the plan. The garden layout of this type of plan will be raised beds, traditional row or square foot garden. All types of plants are not applicable to ‘Dry Garden Layout’. The plants, these are suitable onto the layout, are arugula, basil, beet, blueberry, cilantro, kale, lettuce, okra, onions (red), parsley, pepper, sunflower, thyme and tomato (small).

Last Word: If you are not able to choose a suitable layout for your garden, you encourage you to hire a garden planner from outside. Cause, the success of gardening is mostly depended upon making a good garden plan and choosing a right layout.

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