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Without a doubt, growing plants indoors is a form of art that requires the right equipment to have a successful grow. It is a challenge to yield healthy crops indoors because there are so many variables that make up a successful grow. For experienced growers, it is easy to choose the right gear within a suitable budget, but the reality dawns for new growers, as they have to research and find the best growing equipment to invest in.

These days, LED grow lights have the hit the hydroponic industry by storm. A new and incredible lighting system, they have all the qualities necessary to enhance the growth of your plants and promote a healthy indoor garden. LED lights may just be what your garden needs. 

Why Choose LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants?

Growing plants indoors with Dorm Grow LED lights is the best way to grow green in an environmentally friendly manner.  In horticulture, Dorm Grow LED lights to provide the most efficient and balanced method of lighting that provides the right amount of light necessary for photosynthesis. Especially in areas that experience prolonged durations of winter, these smart grow lights serve as a suitable solution to replace the need for sunlight.

LED grow lights utilize networks of individual diodes that have specific wavelengths of the light spectrum necessary for photosynthesis. Light bulbs with white light encompass all colors of the visible light spectrum. The process of photosynthesis only requires specific light wavelengths that do not go to waste. Available in correct ratios, these wavelengths of lights are usually in red, blue and orange light spectrum. Their wavelengths range from 380 to 780 nm and the different parts of the light spectra have varying effects on the plants’ growth cycle.
G8LED grow lights have been upgraded through several modifications to formulate the most efficient blend of diode ratios to suit the indoor growth of plants. These high-quality lights do not waste any excess energy into extra spectra that are not the most essential requirement for healthy plant growth. These lights may just be what your indoor garden lacks and here are five reasons why you should use LED grow lights to grow indoors.


Indoor growers who choose these lighting systems show that they care for the environment and respect Mother Nature. High quality LED grow lights are the most eco-friendly lighting systems available in the market today. They do not use toxic glues or mercury and they do not require consumables such as replaceable bulbs. The more efficient LEDs will yield the most amount of crop per unit of electrical consumption.

Reduced Costs

Owing LED grow lights at first often seems like a much more expensive option than traditional HID or HPS grow lights. However, growing with G8LEDs is much more economical than using an HPS bulb. Generally, a high quality LED grow light will provide a full ROI in about 12-14 months, and sometimes even less. If you were to purchase an HPS lighting system instead of LED lights, you would spend an extra amount on electricity that would equal the cost of the LED light in the first 12-14 months. You could have had more LED grow lights just from the extra money you would end up spending in the first couple of years with HPS lights. As you can see, that is a serious ROI.

Wavelength Flexibility

LED grow lights have the benefit of altering wavelengths to suit plant growth instead of providing a uniform white/yellow light like an HPS bulb or fluorescent light for that matter. Being able to target the specific wavelengths within the white color (think of a rainbow) allows for a much more efficient grow light.

Less Heat

Since LED Grow light use diode technology to emit light, they do not produce much heat. Since plants absorb most of the light spectrum, LED lights to beat the heat and bid farewell to the need for an expensive cooling fan or AC units. A typical LED grow light will reduce excess heat in the grow room by 90%. That’s right; the heat output will be a sliver of what an HID system produces.


Indoor gardening brings along stress because you need to monitor the conditions of the grow. LED grow lights help to take the stress away from your grow. They are easy to install, set up, hang, and cost much less to run. They cater to the specific growth needs of your plants and they can run for over 10 years and sometimes more. They also help to cut down on monthly electricity bills and you can save up to 50-60% on monthly power costs. With so many benefits of high quality LED grow lights, it is no wonder that most indoor growers add these lights to the grow room. If you wish to grow indoor cannabis, tomatoes, lettuce or most any crop, then choose these smart lighting options.

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