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There are two main points I would like to introduce you in this article. Firstly, raised bed vegetable gardening, what does it actually mean? Secondly, what are the advatages of raised bed vegetable gardening?

Essentially a raised vegetable bed is anything that where the plants  are not placed directly in to the ground. The raised bed can be any type of container in height usually between a foot to four feet above the ground and of any shape you wish to sit the design of your garden landscape. Raised bed vegetable gardening has become very popular in recent years because of the many advantages it offers to gardeners and visitors alike.

Advantages of Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

1.When you have a raised bed you will find that you can get access to the vegetables and other plants so much easier.   In my own case my partly disabled wife was the main gardener and the bed was designed around her needs but I have also found that I can tend the plants far easier now as well and make more effort to do so now. Having the raised bed garden I admit to having become much more interested in sharing my wife’s enthusiasm rather than just being the person who did the hard work under her direction. We did, by the way raise one bed another six inches just to improve the accessibility even more.  We are now fully sold on the Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening system and I know a number of senior citizens are catching the fever to have their gardens redesigned with government aid packages available to help them keep more independent.


2. Raised bed vegetable gardening means increased visibility of the plants.  The soil and the plants are so much nearer you will be able to see potential problems such as infections, garden diseases and or bugs so are far easy to treat as they are caught at a much earlier stage.  It is the same with weeds which can be removed so much easier. Besides that, you even don’t have to mow the lawn regularly with a suitable mower , as you should in a traditional garden.  Raised bed vegetable gardens are better taken off and consequently have much more healthy and tastier and almost always far more nutritious plants.

3. Generally if you are planting directly into the ground you will be using old worn out soil which has been deleted of the nutrients that vegetables need to grow. When you build your own raised beds you can design the type of soil you want to have. Usually you will start with a good high quality loom and add the appropriate fertilizers and composts needed for the plants you what to grow.  The more time spend researching (e.g. talking to local nursery workers) the better mixture you will be able to develop for your plants leading to vegetables and other plants which will be much better developed in size and stronger more able to fight off plant disease. This is one of the most important benefits of switching to raised bed vegetable gardening in my view anyhow.


In summary your Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening is going to give far better results.

Once you have your raised bed garden container filled with the right soil with increased visibility and far easier access to plants in your raised bed vegetable gardening you must see better results with less work and effort.  Yes, you will need to invest some time some physical effort and cash developing the garden but if you are going to get the payback in better more nutritious vegetables with far far less gardening maintenance work you will get that payback far faster for far less effort.

The only drawback I see once properly established is there is a need to water the plants on a more regular basis but this can be overcome by building in a new automatic or semi automatic system from the beginning alleviating that problem before it starts.

Personally I am now fully hooked on using Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening but if you are still wavering on whether you should start doing it. I would, from experience, suggest you try one area of your vegetable garden and give it a good trial before going the whole hog.
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Richard Clayton

I’m an owner of a small gardening shop. I love gardening, especially lawn care. I can spend all of my free time taking care of my lawn and discuss about lawn care experiences with my friends, who have the same hobby as me. www.mygreenerylife.com is the where we can discuss everything about lawn care techniques.

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