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Cannabis Cultivation - Why Grow with LED Grow Lights?

Marijuana legalization is a trending topic in the current political landscape. The number of states in the US that have legalized recreational cannabis has increased and several more states have legalized medical use of the plant. Three of the latest states to legalize for recreational use are Massachusetts, Nevada and California. In these states persons age 21 and older are allowed to grow at least six plants in their private property, while the legal amount of carrying the drug and its distribution varies from state to state. 

Sales of indoor gardening products are predicted to increase as more and more people turn to growing for themselves. Grow lights are one of the most essential components of any indoor garden and will become very popular, especially the LED grow light

LED grow lights are a recent advancement in the world of indoor gardening. Before LED lights, growers used HID bulbs for large-scale cultivation of marijuana. Although these bulbs allow for successful indoor growing, they are very heavy consumers of electricity and give off an enormous amount of heat. Due to these shortcomings, CF bulbs started to become popular in indoor gardens. While CFL bulbs reduced the electrical consumption, they lacked the intensity to grow plants on a large scale. LED lights changed the face of indoor gardening by being the only lights that are capable of growing plants on a large scale while using very little power and have no damaging effect on the environment. 

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why LED lights work best for cannabis cultivation?

Low heat production

Temperature is a very crucial factor in plant cultivation. In order to make your plants grow and to achieve a great yield, you need to make sure that your grow room has the optimum temperature to grow. While some plants can withstand high temperatures, cannabis in particular needs moderate temperature to grow that is neither too hot nor too cold. The problem with HID lights is that they produce a lot of heat. Unless you install a proper heat management system, they can destroy and dehydrate your plants. LED lights produce very little heat because they are very efficient. With LEDs it is much easier to maintain optimum grow room temperature.

Easy transition from vegetative to flowering stage

Plants have two distinct stages in their life cycle: vegetative and flowering stage. While plants in general rely mostly on the light spectrum of red and blue wavelengths, the amount in which they are required differs in both stages. During the vegetative stage, the blue photosynthetic regions of the plants are more active than the red ones, and during the flowering stage it is the opposite. Plants need to be exposed to the correct ratio of the red and blue wavelengths, along with other secondary and tertiary wavelengths to set off their internal circadian rhythm. The best thing about LED lights is that they target the exact wavelengths needed and can be designed to allow plants to smoothly transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage.

Higher quality product

The flowering stage of the cannabis plants holds a great importance. When the cannabis plants sets off to the flowering stage, trichomes start to appear and it is these trichomes that give the plant its effectiveness. The trichomes need to change into an amber color before being extracted. As LED lights allow a smooth transition to the flowering stage, the trichomes produced under LED lights are more succulent. Plants grown under high quality LED lights will be healthier and produce higher quality product. With LED grow lights, like the G8 LED lights by Dorm Grow, you will grow high quality plants while saving money on power consumption and operating costs of the grow room. 

Grow your plants under the LED grow lights and see the deference. This is not only for cannabis; you can try with other plants also.

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