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Many people like gardening and growing flowers. Some people don’t have much space to grow plants; because they are living in cities or urban areas. So, such kinds of people have used to grow plants as pot plants. So pot plants are the most famous growing method in urban areas than in villages or rural areas. Anyway, with the space limit, they are trying to find new solutions for them. For this reasons, peoples tend to make new attractive creations like bottle gardens or bottle terrarium. They are nice looking small gardens inside a bottle or fish tank. I feel they are same as a little jungle. Many plants can be shown in a small space like a little jungle. 

Anyway, the people’s mind is very creative. So the result is a beautiful bottle garden. Now all around the world, the bottle garden concept is famous. So in here, I wanted to show how to create a bottle garden.

what we need to create this?

To make a bottle garden the first need is a bottle. This should be a transparent glass bottle. You can use any shape, size, and color. But I recommend a bottle in transparent and larger. It will help to make the bottle garden easily and use a decorative one because it will help to increase the beauty of the final look. 

Then we need some amount of gravel or marble pellets. If you can have them in various colors, it is better to increase the inside beauty. 

Next, you need to have some soil. Black color, nutritive one is good. Soil needs to be done by steam sterilization before using them. It will destroy all the pathogens and weed seeds in the soil. If not unnecessary weeds and disease may be spread inside of the bottle. And also you can treat them with a fungicide like captan. 

Next, you have to create a little equipment like a shovel or folk. You can use an iron rod to make them. These are the equipment that is going to help you to dig holes and to grab the soil inside the bottle. You can use a small spoon and folk to do this. It is better to bind them to a rod. Make sure is it possible to enter through the bottle. Finally, you have to select plants. Some factors need to be considered when you are selecting the plants.

Size of the plant

It is not possible to use a larger plant or plants. So you have to think about the size of the plant or plants. Especially the selected plant could be entered through the bottle. If the open is too small, the plant will be damaged. You can trim and prune the plant and remove fast-growing buds, but don’t do too much. Therefore try to use slow growing plants.

Think about inside environment

After creating the bottle garden, you need to seal it. So there is no more interaction with the outside environment. What could be the inside temperature, humidity? Actually, there should be a greenhouse effect, so definitely temperature is somewhat higher than outside. Humidity is depended on the water level that you applied. It is better to avoid flowering plants also. So it is better to use plant thinking on these factors.

The color of the plants

Use plants in different colors. It will be enhanced by the beauty of the bottle garden. Yellow, red, green and orange like color variations are given a better look. But this is depending on your favor.

Brief of the ingredients that you need to make a bottle garden ;

  • A suitable transparent bottle 
  •  Gravels or pebbles 
  • Sterilized soil or compost 
  • Hand tools like a fork and shovel (should be able to enter through the opening) 
  • Suitable plants 
  • Some water 
  • A lid or cork to seal the opening 
  • Charcoal or biochar 
  • Mosses.

Making the bottle garden

Step one

First, you have to add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the bottle. The reason is there should be a gravel layer underneath the plant roots. More moisture accumulation may be damaged to the roots. Therefore use one inch of gravel layer.

Step two

In the second step, you have to use charcoal/biochar layer. This is very important to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus inside the bottle. Read the effects of biochar. One inch layer is enough.

Step three

In this step, you have to add the soil layer. Four inches is enough. But it may be depended on the size of the bottle. Keep in mind to sterilize the soil before using them.

Step four

Now you have to place your plants inside the bottle. First, make a hole using a tool and put the plant on it. Grab the soil to cover the roots. Arrange all the plants to make it beautiful. After placing the plants you can cover the soil surface by using mosses. Next, add some water but not too much. Finally, seal the bottle by using a cork or lid. 

In this way, you can make a successful bottle garden. Comment your experience below. Share your ideas with others.

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