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  Eliminate Spider Mites with LED Grow Lights


LED Grow Lights

Spider mites are the worst enemy of an indoor grower-despite the size, the damage can be huge. Spider mites infestation can destroy an entire grow. If not handled on time and correctly, the infestation can potentially become untreatable bacterial and virus infections. If the results are this devastating, then what is the prevention? 

The truth is that these tiny pests can reproduce at a disastrous rate and cannot be controlled, if not restricted in the beginning. Therefore, it is more important to prevent the growth than control the growth of spider mites. But the other secret of successful and healthy indoor gardening is with best LED grow lights. The highly efficient LED grow lights are relied upon for healthy yields. 

This article is all about preventing and eliminating the growth of spider mites from your indoor garden with LED grow lights. However, if you are venturing indoor gardening for the first time then depending on the amount of yield you plan to harvest and the types of plants you desire to grow, you need to get going on buying the right grow lights. 

For indoor growing -light matters! We have heard of Washington turning to G8LED for indoor growing and even California looking to G8LED for electricity saving-this LED grow light definitely has potential as it’s hitting almost every other news. The reviews are certainly remarkable and we recommend you to take your leap of faith with this high quality G8LED full spectrum grow light. 

Now, before you get started here’s a bit more about the insects we need to eliminate for a successful harvest:

Spider Mites

The two-spotted spider mites are the famous tiny North American insects that destroy both indoor and outdoor plants. Spider mites are reddish brown or pale brown and stay the same from infancy to the adult stage. The shape is oval and the size is of a period on this page. This is why they are not easily noticeable. Their appearance is in areas that are humid, hot, and provide enough vegetation to feed on. 

They live on the undersides of the foliage, but the symptoms of their existence appear as dusty feel and flecking of leaves on the lower and upper side. The dusty feel is the exoskeleton of the spider mites which converts into a web-like appearance, near to the tender most growths. Once the plant quality is diminished, the females migrate to the greener and good quality plants. 

The life cycle of spider mites include eggs that hatch into six-legged larvae in two weeks. This is when they feed and seek shelter and mold into nymphs, the nymphs are eight-legged and require two more stages before reaching the adult phase. When matured, the female lays thousands of eggs that take three days only to hatch. 

It only takes a few days for spider mites to become a full blown infestation. These insects travel from plant to plant by surfing in the wind and once out of control, they can destroy the entire indoor growth.

How Can You Eliminate Spider Mites with LED Grow Lights-Light Matters

As mentioned above, for eliminating spider mites-light matters! But most importantly the control is not difficult-all you need to do is, simply keep the room clean and sanitized. Spider mites are attracted to all the plants that are under stress, for example; plants under poor fertilization and improper watering. Since spider mites prefer humid and hot areas, therefore all such conditions support their growth. 

Now the best way to eliminate the mites and protect the plants is with LED grow lights. Indoor growers that have used LED grow lights have noted that plants under these grow lights reduce insect infestation. LED grow lights are efficient and produce no heat, thus keep the temperature low. A recent study has shown that blue light decreases the production of eggs and insect survival. 

LED is a full spectrum grow light that provides full spectrum supporting and mimicking the actual sunlight. LED grow lights as G8LED have an optimal light band that is efficient and effective for indoor grows. These lights come in various sizes with different coverage areas and do not radiate IR heat and dry the plants. Low or no heat production and wavelength control of LED’s provide a favorable environment for the production of healthy and green plants. 

The proper amount of light with a balanced spectrum from LED grow lights will never let your indoor garden have mites. As the heat production is even less, therefore water requirement is even lesser when growing with LED grow lights.

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