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Anthurium Seed Bed
Anthurium Seed Bed

How to Make an Anthurium Seed Bed

Anthurium andrenum and Anthurium scherzerianurn varieties are famous among house plant lovers. It is easy to grow them and care. There are two methods to propagate these plants. As we know sexual and asexual propagation are used to make new plantlets. The process of sexual propagation is somewhat difficult than asexual method. Because it is taken more time and need to keep attention to have healthy plantlets. Anyway in here i am going to teach you step by step process. 

To make an anthurium seed bed, first we need mature anthurium seeds. To make the seeds we have to pollinate them. See here how to pollinate an anthurium flower. Anthurium seeds are reached into maturity within 5 - 6 months after pollination. Ripe berries should be collected and gently press the berries in water, in order to remove the gelatin cover and seeds should be extracted. Then they should be washed several times in water.

Preparation of the seed bed

A 10 inch diameter shallow pot or seed pan should be used to sow seeds. In preparing a pot or a Pan, few bricks pieces and concave tiles need to be placed at the bottom of the pan. Next, a layer of dry leaves should be placed on it. Then the pan should be filled with the anthurium potting mixture (Leaf mould/compost 2: Sand ½: bricks pieces ½: Cattle manure 1). Mixture should be pressed by using a wooden stem. Next, a layer of half inch tile pieces should be placed on the potting mixture. Then, pot should be filled with water until it is drain off. Seeds are sowed on bricks layer with 1 inch distance using a little spoon and cover with a glass lid and the pan must be kept in a shallow tray of water for propagation.

Preparation of the secondary nursery

After 4 - 5 months, seedlings can be introduced into a secondary nursery. Seedlings should be pulled out and categorized according to the size as well grown healthy seedlings, medium sized seedlings and small seedlings. Well grown healthy seedlings should be planted in 8 inch polythene pot and medium sized seedlings should be planted in 5 inch polythene pots. This could be change with your available materials. Unhealthy small seedlings should be introduced to the secondary nursery. 

To make a secondary nursery, A 10 inch diameter shallow pot is better to use and a layer of rocks and concave tiles should be placed at the bottom of the pan. It should be covered with a layer of decaying leaves. Then the pan should be filled by an anthurium potting mixture leaving a space of about one inch from the top of the pan. Then the small plantlets could be planted with 1 inch distance and finally, it should be kept in a shady place for proper growth. You can also spray a liquid fertilizer mixture in 1: 1: 1 ratio once a week. 

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