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Lucky Bamboo
We all know Dracaena sanderiana is a good looking plant. So, most of the people try to grow a plant at their home. But, what is the actual reason to grow Dracaena sanderiana at home? Yes! There some believes of people. While growing Dracaena sanderiana, did you get a problem what the lucky bamboo is? If so, this is for you.

what is Lucky bamboo?

Lucky Bamboo is a traditional Chinese plant used to improve Feng-Shui, to give as gifts in times of celebration, and to draw health, happiness, and prosperity to the household. "Lucky Bamboo" is not bamboo, it's Dracaena. People named it as a bamboo because of its looks like bamboo. 'Lucky Bamboo' plant often recommended by Feng Shui masters is known as 'fug uizhui in Chinese. Fu means rich, gui noble, and zhu bamboo. Lucky Bamboos are popular in Taiwan since it is believed that it can bring good luck. 

It is estimated that Lucky Bamboo has been symbolize of excellent fortune within the Asian culture over 4000 years. In the past of Asia, this plant was considered a member of the bamboo family. However, modern science classifies it as Dracaena sanderiana. This plant is famous in the Chinese surroundings as lucky plant as a "Feng Shui" plant because the people believe it brings the natural elements of water, fire, earth and metal into balance within the environment. Later it spread around different nations, particularly around East Indians, Philippines, Latin Americans and even Caucasians, who believe the quantity of bamboo stick placed in the pot or vas. While the people believes, they tried to make different decorative shapes using dracaena canes. Here are few of them.

Different Categories of Lucky Bamboo

  • Heart shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Spiral shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Pillars and trellises shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Tower shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Pine apple shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Single plants 
  •  Bouquet shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Braided shape lucky bamboo 
  •  Basket shape lucky bamboo 
  •  Triangle shape Lucky Bamboo 
  •  Lotus Lucky Bamboo.

Caring for Lucky Bamboo at your home

For proper caring of any house plant, it is needed to supply a better environment and nutrients. If not plant is going to be weaken and drain off the attractiveness. So here are the special requirements for lucky bamboo. 

Propagation of Dracaena: Most Dracaenas are propagated by top cuttings or canes and a few species are sometimes propagating from seed. Stock plants can be grown in full sun light but growth rate is faster if grown under 60 Kilolux. Root cuttings of Dracaena marginata should be grown in 45 Kilolux while others require 27 to 37 Kilolux to produce best quality plants. Rooting of top cuttings, air layering, and cane cuttings are the primary method of Dracaena propagation. Air layering or cane cuttings are mainly used for large specimens and top cuttings are used for producing the similar Dracaena species. 

Environmental Requirements for Dracaena: Being tropical most Dracaena requires warmth and plentiful moisture with good drainage. Sudden drop in temperature may flower dropping, Dracaena species should be grown in shade house with a temperature of 21 to 32 °C and a relative humidity of 60-100% temperatures above 32°C cause foliar chlorosis of young plants and notching of stem. 

Growing Media for Dracaena: Sphagnum peat, pine bark, compost, vermiculate, or perlite (leach before using) can be volumetrically combined to formulate media for plants in smaller containers while media for larger plants may contain 10-20% coarse sand to keep plants from wind tipping. Media should have good moisture capacity and aeration, soluble salts of 1-2 dS/m, and pH of 6.0 to 6.5. pH value lower than 6.0 may cause leaf chlorosis while a media pH above 6.5 will cause iron deficiency. 

Light & Temperature: Lucky Bamboo prefers moderate levels of indirect sunlight. It is sustained in direct sunlight and low light. Lucky Bamboo prefers room temperatures at 22-32°C. 

Water: Lucky Bamboo grows very well hydroponically with its roots dipped in water, but it does not like the chemicals – chlorine (Cl) and fluoride (F), Filtered water or rain water will keep your Lucky Bamboo healthy longer keep the water level at approximately an inch from the base of the canes. Apply water once a week. 

Humidity: Routine misting of Lucky Bamboo may be necessary if you live in a dry climate. 

Nutrients: Lucky Bamboo is considerably hardy, but it needs diffident amounts of macro and micro nutrients occasionally. Apply organic fertilizer solution or some other liquid fertilizer once a two week. 

Finally, I would like to ask what are there other believes to grow Dracaena sanderiana by people?

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