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plant nursery

The plant nursery is the place that produced all the plants for garden maintenance. From this kind of plant nursery supply nursery plants to create borders, hedges, avenues, and plants for short time showing. Mainly cuttings and seedlings are used to prepare all these plants. Propagators, net houses, and polytunnels are mostly used to propagate those plants. In commercial plant selling shops, plant nursery is a common practice. In a plant nursery, there are different requirements than in the open environment. Especially temperature and humidity are higher than in the open environment. Those conditions are helping to rapid propagation and rooting of seeds and stem cuttings.

Plant sexual propagation

Plant sexual propagation is the process of creating new plants from seeds. To sexual propagation, most of the seeds are obtained by the artificial pollination.

In net houses

According to the propagation place, the media need to be changed. When propagate in net houses used Topsoil:1 leaf mould:1 Cow dung:1 Sand:1 ratios mixture.

In the net houses, seeds can be put in beds, pots, and seed trays. If used seedbeds, 6 inches height and 9 inches loosed soil layer under the bed are needed.

nursery bed

To sterilize the bed can be used captain like fungicide solution or can be covered by using a transparent polythene. If not should be burnt the bed laying a paddy husk layer.

Plant in seed trays

Use leaf mould: 1 sand: 1 ratio media. The media must be sterilized with steam. Choosing of the leaf mould size is differing with the size of the seeds. If small seeds, use a 2.5mm mesh to sieve. For large seeds use a 4mm mesh.
When using pots, can be used the same media and put them in the net house. Seeds need to be covered with the media.
The propagator is used to stimulate the seed germination. There was 70-80Cº inside the propagator. After propagation of seeds, need to be transferred into 6-inch poly bags. Seedlings must be having 2 leaves when they transfer.
Topsoil: 2 Leaf mould: 2 Cow dung: 2 Coir dust: 1 sand: 1 ratio media should be used to plant those plants in 6-inch poly bags.

Plants cuttings preparation to planting

There were mainly three types of cuttings as Top cuttings, semi-hardwood cuttings, and hardwood cuttings. Successful part may be different from the plant type.

Ex: - Top cuttings - Beatle, Philodendron, Syngonium
         Semi-hardwood cuttings - Rose, croton
         Hardwood cuttings - Ficus, Calliandra

When using the cuttings need to cut them in 45º angle under a shoot. General media used to plant them in poly bags and kept in 40% shade. Before planting all the cutting should be treated with a rooting hormone. Rooton, Cecto, Ceradic, Clonex like commercial hormone products can be used as a rooting hormone.

plants cuttings preparation


Liquid fertilizer with 20:20:20 (N: P: K) ratio need to be spray in early stages of seedlings.
Ex: - Macsicrop, Albert solution can be sprayed once a week.
After 3-4 weeks you can have a healthy seedling or rooted stem cutting for your requirements.

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