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Pot plant

Everyone likes to maintain the beauty of their home. They want their homes very attractive and beautiful. They want to have some house plants even if they don’t have a garden or a yard of their own. You can have your own garden with help of containers or pots which will carry plants. Actually, it is very easy to maintain plants in pots than in a garden. Because if it is a garden, you need some more work to keep your garden clean and neat. Sometimes you may need to remove unnecessary weeds in your garden. There is no such work if you have them in containers. You can still have a real garden with your containers itself. It is possible by giving the plants with proper water and sunshine and this is to ensure the health of plants.  
First get the appropriate plants for your garden pots. Plants which love sunshine all the time can be placed nearby your windows. You can get the plants either from a garden supply store or from a nursery. Carefully get the complete instructions about the plants while buying them. You should also consider your own lifestyle while choosing plants. Water-tolerant plants are suitable in humid or hot climate. It will also suitable if you travel frequently so that they don’t require more water.

Then get the perfect pots which fit for the purchased plants. You should keep some important suggestions in your mind while buying pots for them. To hold more water, the size of the pot should be bigger enough. This will help you to water them less frequently. Some people like hanging pots a lot. But they are not capable of holding more water. Hence they need to be watered frequently. So you must be careful in buying pots to grow your plants.

Keep some solid material like rocks or stones at the base part of pots before placing plant and planting soil inside. It will help your plants to prevent them from waterlogged. It is better to add organic fertilizer/compost to the pot. It will be supplied a good nutrition amount and helps to retention of fertilizer.

Purchase moisture absorbing soil in garden supply store to put mixes them with pots. To release the absorbed water into the soil slowly, if not you can add some biochar instead of moisture absorbing soil. Get some gardening crystals and place them within it.

Then water your houseplants to grow your plants healthy. When watering your pots, you can use either a small cup or a watering can to do that work. You don’t need a hose to pour water into pots since it will only need a bit of water.

Pour the water directly into the base and roots of the plant. Pour enough water to make the soil moist enough. Don’t pour too much water to get it flooded. Stop watering if you see water coming out from the holes of pots.
Check daily for diseases and pest and also nutrient deficiencies. Keep the sanitation and maintain it well.
Gardening is often viewed as a leisurely activity and it’s with good reason. Study after study has proven that gardening is a great stress reliever. There’s just something about digging in the soil that is good for the soul. Whether it’s tending a vegetable garden, pruning trees or dividing perennials, gardening re-connects us with nature on many levels. It feels great to look at what you’ve accomplished in the garden and know that you’ll be able to enjoy it for the season. So pot plants are a good solution for the people that don’t have more space for gardening. I think you all agree with me. 

Have you any other idea? Tell me why you are making pot plants in your home except for beauty?

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