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Decorative flower pots

Decorative flower pots making

How to make a decorative flower pot?. You all like to grow flowers in your home, but you are lack of some value-added creations to enhance the look of them. Here we are going to show some beautification method of decorative flower pots making. This guide is not to make a concrete pot or something. This is to show how to arrange your plant/plants as flower pots.

What is pot culture?

Growing plants in containers are known as pot culture, and those plants have a good market demand. Flower pots are used for indoor decoration and it is a value-added product. Various types of pots can be used for pot culture and, preparation of flower pots are an important event. There are basic practices whatever we are going to make. They are;

First, the pots should be got wet and the drainage holes should be covered using concave tile pieces and a layer of dried leaves must be applied over it. This helps to remove surplus water. The medium should be filled about 3/4 of the pot and the plant should be placed in the center of the pot. Then, the root system of the plant should be covered using the medium and watering must be done. When decorative flower pots making, it can be conducted in several methods as mentioned below.

  •     Net Pot
  •     Mixed pot
  •     Hanging Pot

Let’s look at the preparation of these Decorative flower pots.

Preparation of flower pots as a net pot

Net pots are used for vain type climbing plants which need a support for growth. These plants generally have aerial roots.

Ex: - Passiflora foetida, Philodendron spp, Syngonium, Marble green, Monstera deliciosa, Piper betel
The medium should consist with topsoil 4: leaf mold 2: sand 1: cattle manure 1: tile pieces ¼: charcoal ¼ for the net pot.

To make this flower pots are needed an iron mesh with the height of 2 feet and a width of 1 feet and nylon net with the same size needed to be used. The mesh is placed on the outer side of the cylinder. Then, it is folded and makes into a cylinder by using a broad PVC pipe. A support is given to the cylinder by attaching 3 bamboo sticks or suitable sticks.

The flower pots should be wet and the drainage holes should be covered using concave tile pieces and a layer of dried leaves should be applied on that. Then, the medium should be filled up to ½ and the cylinder and it should be placed in the center of the pot. Next, a bamboo strip should be entered into the cylinder and the cylinder should be filled with coir dust and it should be pressed with another stick. Then remaining potting medium should be filled up to 3/4 of the pot and 3 plants should be placed on 3 sides of the pot and tie them to the cylinder.

decorative flower pots,net pot
Preparation of net pot

Preparation of mixed flower pots

10-inches diameter shallow clay pot should be prepared as mentioned above with a medium that is consisted of 2.5 mm size leaf mold 1: sand 1. A group of 7 different plants should be selected and medium should be filled up to 3/4 of the pots.

The plants must be selected by considering a color combination, a growing type, and height of the Plants.
Decorative flower pots- mixed pot
Preparation of mixed pot

Preparation of hanging type flower pots

10 inch diameter shallow clay pot is used to prepare as mentioned above with a medium that was consisted of 2.5 mm sized leaf mold 1: sand 1. Vine type/trailing plants are selected for hanging type flower pots.

Three iron threads should be tied up on three sides of the pot. Next potting media is filled up to ¾ and plants should be placed on the media. Finally, the pot should be hanged and watering should be done.
Decorative flower pots- hanging pot
Preparation of hanging pots

Different kind of hanging pots

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