Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dendrobium Orchids Care Guide [Full]

As other plants Dendrobium is belongs to kingdom Plantae.  Genus is Dendrobium . There are many species belongs to this genus. Near... thumbnail 1 summary
Dendrobium Orchid

As other plants Dendrobium is belongs to kingdom Plantae.  Genus is Dendrobium. There are many species belongs to this genus. Nearly 1200 of orchid species are recorded around the world. As other orchids orchidaceae is the family of Dendrobium.

Dendrobium orchid flower is famous for cut flowers. It has a sympodial and an epiphytic growth habit as other orchids in its family. There are many orchid varieties that produce orchid flowers in different colors. The durability is also higher than other orchids. In cut flower production, the flowers are divided into three types. They are phalaenopsis type, cane type and intermediate type.  In these three types cane type is not that much suitable for cut flower production.

Climatic Requirements

Orchid growing is not that much easy. It needs a good attention than other flowers. To keep a healthy plant below factor should be maintained.


Dendrobium is a light prefer plant. It needs more lights than other orchid varieties. But direct sunlight is not good. So light level should be controlled by using a shade net above ten feet in height in a commercial cultivation or pot plants can be place in a sitting room. The window must be had in south or north directions. Keeping pots with a window in east or western, it is leads to sun burning damages on orchid plants.


Dendrobium can tolerate warm conditions. But ventilation should be good enough to control it.  The temperature fluctuation should not be more than 10oC. Day time temperature should be between 25-30oC and night time temperature should not be lower than 15oC. Those conditions are the best for flower production.


Normally higher humidity level is needed for orchids. Therefore 70% of humidity is better for well growth of Dendrobium orchids. If humidity level is low you can spray water around the plant. The media should be prepared to keep moisture.


Watering is very important for Dendrobium. As other treats, water should be added in optimum level. It is also helps to keep the humidity level. Chlorine free water must be used. Frequently check the moisture level in the media and use a hand sprayer to apply water. The Better time to apply water is 8 – 9 a. m.  Arial roots and leaves should be wet. If water is applied in the evening, it should be done before 4 p. m.


Liquid fertilizers are recommended to add. It is better to add them by using a sprayer. Spray on leaves and roots to get wet well. It is better to use morning time to add fertilizer. Organic liquidfertilizers can be used once a week. The best mixture of fertilizer is N. P. K. (20: 20: 20). Dissolve 5 gram of fertilizer in one litter of water for adding. Any balanced fertilizer can be used this purpose.


It is better to use a clay pot. Because it is absorb more water than plastic pots. For decoration purposes you can put it into a plastic or any other suitable one. The diameter and height of the pot should be five inch. There should be holes for better ventilation. Media should be consisted with char or biochar and tile pieces. Better to add coconut husk pieces. It will keep the moisture. Use ½ - ¾ inch pieces. 

10 Tips for Care of Dendrobium Plants

  • Always use disease free planting materials
  • Use resistant orchid varieties for pest and diseases 
  • If you have a plant nursery, keep the new plants bring from outside in a separated place for few weeks and keep the attention on them for symptoms or pest damages.
  • Keep the sanitation around the plants
  • Daily check for pest and disease damages
  • Control the pest and disease damages by maintaining water, fertilizer and ventilation
  • Avoid nutrients deficiencies
  • Prohibit others to enter to the nursery
  • Use disinfected tools
  • Use a recommended pesticide as the final decision for a pest and disease attract