Monday, October 19, 2015

Growing Sunflowers

Sun flower Sun flower is a beautiful large flower. It is important as a garden flower and also as a crop for oil production. Anywa... thumbnail 1 summary
Sun flower
Sun flower

Sun flower is a beautiful large flower. It is important as a garden flower and also as a crop for oil production. Anyway to both requirements need a beautiful healthy flower. In here I am going to discuss general information of the plant and care of them.

Sun flower has originated in Mexico. Now it is a very famous plant in the world. As I previously said it is impotent as an ornamental plant and an oil crop. As an oil crop it is hugely grow in Russia, Rumania, turkey and Bulgaria like countries. Because of the economic importance as a crop it makes a good income. The plant is belongs to composite family and the scientific name is Helianthhus annus. So let’s see how to growing sunflowers.

Economic Importance

This is consists with many of the florets. One flower provides many of the seeds. Those seeds are help to make oil. Oil has a high quality value and used to make foods, margarine and soap production.

The composition of the oil is change according to the type of the verity. Oil is light yellow color. It is also used to make paints, perfumes and varnish. The seeds are used like peanut after frying them.   

Floret’s petals are yellow in color. They are used to make yellow, pink color dye. They are consisted with carotene like pigments. The residuals after making oil is used to make animal feed.

Ex: - for poultry feed (consist with 35% proteins)
Also whole plant can be used to make silage and plant can fix atmospheric nitrogen.

Climatic Requirement to Planting Sunflowers

The plant can be grow in any climate, but preferred a temperate climate. The plant can be grown even in hill areas above 2500 meters. When it is cultivate in areas below 1500 meters, it is give more oil harvest and also the time for maturity is increased when cultivate in higher areas. Preferable PH is 7.5-8. If it is acidic harvest is reduced. There are many verities like turkey – 251993, turkey- 170420, Uruguay – 162454, Spain. Mostly they are improved verities. Therefore big flowers and oil content is good. 


Land Preparation and Planting Sunflowers

Firstly you have to plough the land up to 15 – 20 centimeters. It is not necessary in a home garden, but if you do it as a large cultivation you need to follow these steps. After ploughing or making a pit you have to place the seeds. The depth to plant seeds is about 2 1/2 - 3 ½ centimeters. Before planting they need to be treated with a fungicide like captan or thiram.

The space between rows should be 60 centimeters and space among the plants should be 25 centimeters.13- 16 Kg seeds needed with these spaces for a hectare. After 2 weeks, need to be done a thinning out for seedlings. So, in one place should be have only one plant.


Seedlings cannot compete with weeds in their first stages. So need to keep the field in clean to avoid the weeds. Control the weeds at least one time for a month. It is easy to manually remove the weeds form your home garden but in a large cultivation may have to use a weedicide or any other favorable method to control them. 


Irrigation is an important one to have a good harvest. The plant has an ability to resist to the drought conditions. But when there is a good water supply plant don not have a tension to grow. The result is more protein and oil synthesis. But over moisture content is not good. The root system of the plant is spread over the top of the soil. So the plant may be fallen. Mostly Little plants are faced for this problem. 

After germination there is a rapid growth of until 7-8 weeks. So water requirement is high at this period. If rain is not available, irrigation should be done.


Sun flower plant can be stored nitrogen in the body and use them later. The maximum utilization of phosphorus and potassium can be taken if nitrogen is available. So nitrogen makes a huge role in the plant. Urea ha/kg: TSP ha/kg: murate of potash 120:120:120 is recommended as base fertilizer.


Harvesting can be done after 50 weeks of planting. The maturity is depending on the verity, moisture content and temperature. Normally, 70-120 days are taken for this. If you harvest in your home garden you can manually do it if not need to use a combine harvester. In good conditions 1000 – 1500kg of harvest is easily available.

Pest and Diseases

The most common pest are mites, thrips, moths and birds. But the damage is not that much sever.Brown mildew, Head rot , Root rot are common diseases for sun flower plant. Good sanitation and seed treatment must be done to avoid these diseases.