Saturday, September 12, 2015

Organic Fertilizer Production Process [Jeeva-amurtham” Preparation]

What is jeevamurtham? Jeeva-amurtham is a liquid organic fertilizer. It has originated in India. This is consisting with many of the ... thumbnail 1 summary

What is jeevamurtham?

Jeeva-amurtham is a liquid organic fertilizer. It has originated in India. This is consisting with many of the beneficial microorganisms. So those microbes are very essential for improve the soil with nutrients. This liquid organic fertilizer mostly consisted with Acetobactor, Rhizobium like nitrification bacteria. They are helps to fix the nitrogen from air. And also it is provide nitrogen and other nutrient to the plants. 

Materials that required preparing this organic fertilizer

  • Top soil from a virgin land as an inoculum
  • Gliricidia sepium leaves
  • Cow dung
  • Brown sugar or Fruits
  • Water
  • Barrel (plastic)
  • Aerator
  • Cotton cloth
How to make jeevaamurtham organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer
First take a small amount of water to the plastic barrel and add some brown sugar (energy source). Then mix it well. Then Gliricidia sepium leaves should be added to the solution. After that this barrel should be kept under the shade and cover with a cotton cloth.

To prepare jeeva-amurtham organic fertilizer needs uncontaminated top soil, because it is rich with many beneficial microbes. Gliricidia sepium leaves are used as a nitrogen source. Cow dung is used as a source to microbial growth. Green gram, cowpea leaves can be provides instead of Gliricidia sepium leaves. The soil should not contaminate with any pesticide, if it is the beneficial microbes will be died. Natural fruits also used as an energy source. But should not use for shops or farm. But you can use fruits from organic farm. The fruit should not be contaminated with pesticides. You can use wild berries banana like fruits. Should not use edible ones; just use damaged and unwanted fruits. All those components are mix well. Then we should facilitate aerobic conditions to grow aerobic bacteria. We can use an aerator like in the picture to do this. Aeration should be done twice a day for 2 hours. These aerobic bacteria are very important to improve the soil quality.

If the jeeva-amurtham organic fertilizer well prepared we can feel a wood apple smell from it. That means the aerobic bacteria have grown well. Then it can be used as a liquid organic fertilizer. Add it to the soil and around the plants. Save money for chemical fertilizer.

After adding this one microbe are growing in the soil also. They multiply and make the soil more nutritious. As the result plants are grow in healthy. Try this with adding bio char also. See the article about biochar making. Adding both of them will be making a good result. But make sure not to use any pesticide like toxic materials. 

Write your comment about this. This organic fertilizer will be really improved your harvest or your plant.