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Begonia plants, African violet like leaves are used for this practice. You can use any other plant leaves that can be propagated by leaves.  Begonia plant is an attractive foliage plant which is propagated by the leaf cuttings. There are several methods of propagation of leaf cuttings and it can be practiced as follows. The medium of Begonia plant's consists of 2.5 mm sized leaf mold 1: sand 1. Middle aged or semi-matured Begonia plant's leaves can be used for propagation. Leaves should be mainly separated into 3 parts like below.

Propagation of begonia plants by leave parts

I. Rounded shape cuttings with stalk

A rounded shape cut is made around the stalk. The stalk has to be 1-1½ inch and then it should be treated with a fungicide paste and insert into 5 inches sized polythene bags filled with the medium. Finally, it should be watered and keep in a 50% shady place.

II. “V” shape cuttings

“V” shape cuts are made on the remaining leaf part with veins and treat with a fungicide paste and plant in 5-inch size polythene pots. Finally, they all should be watered and keep in a shady place.

III. Plug tray method / Third part cuttings

The remaining pieces of begonia plants leaves are cut into sections and pot in plug trays with the above medium. Finally, they are also should be watered and keep in a shady place. 

Begonia plants Propagation by leave parts
Begonia plants propagation by leaves 

IV. Tray pot / Single leaf with vain cuttings

This is the highest production method of propagation of Begonia plants by using leaves. This method can be used to obtain a large number of begonia plantlets, than other methods.

A clay pot with one feet width and 10 cm height is selected and bottom of the pot should be arranged using concaved tile pieces. You can use any convenient pot. Then a layer of dried leaves should be applied on that, and the medium is filled up to 3/4 height of the pot.

A small hole should be prepared on the medium and the stalk should be inserted into the medium. Iron clips can be used to fix the leaf on to the medium as I did. Then small cuts should be made across the veins. Clips should be applied for both sides of the cuttings. Around 10 - 15 cuts can be made on one leaf.

After that, the pot must be kept in a water bath and cover with a glass. Then, it should be kept under 50% shades and 70% temperature to obtain plantlets. After 1-1½ months new plantlets are produced and the glass can be removed. Then, small plantlets have grown up to the size of 5-5½ inch, and they should be separated, and report in a 5-inch polythene bag with the same medium above that I mentioned. African violet plantlets can be produced using this method and it gets more than 3 months.

begonia plants

                                                                      Preparation of tray pot

This is the brief full guide for begonia plants propagation by using their leaves. Practice it and ask anything. Have any problem?

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