Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Daisy Gerbera Care Tips

Gerbera jamesonii   belongs to the Asteraceae family. Gerbera is a hybrid daisy flower. Gerbera is very popular and use for an o... thumbnail 1 summary

Daisy gerbera

Gerbera jamesonii  belongs to the Asteraceae family. Gerbera is a hybrid daisy flower. Gerbera is very popular and use for an ornamental plant and as cut flower. Gerbera is important as a cut flower and a pot plant.
The plant has a short stem, rhizome and a root system as well as 10 – 12 leaflets. The flower is bisexual. The inner disk florets are consisted with staminate florets and pistillate florets. Outer disk florets are consist of petals with colours that include white, yellow, orange, red, and pink. The centre of the flower is sometimes show black colour.Gerbera plants can be classified according to their flower structure and shape of the flower. 4 types of flowers can be seen.
Gerbera standard
Mostly used as a cut flower. Large flower and long stick are the main features. 
Mini gerbera
Small flower, but has a long stick
Gerbera spider
Spike shape long flower petals.
Mid Gerbera
Shorter stick with a normal sized flower is the main features. Used as a pot plant.
50% of light is needed. Generally 21 – 25ºC temperature is needed to better growth and production.Several methods are available to propagate gerbera plant including sexual and asexual propagation methods.
Vegetative propagation methods
  • Tissue culture
  • Plantlets
  • Suckers
  • Stem cuttings
Sexual propagation
Gerbera plants are sexually propagated by seeds. Hybrid seeds can be further propagated by pollination of flowers.
This should be done at the morning time. During 10 – 12 a.m. is better to pollinate. After pollination watering should be done carefully. If not pollens may be drain out. Seeds can be obtained after 14 – 18 days.
Preparation of gerbera seed bed nursery

Gerbera seed bed nursery

Matured seeds need to be collected and clean by removing unfertile seeds. A medium consisting of coir dust 1: sand 1 should be sieved using 2.5mm mesh. Subsequently, the medium should steam sterilize.

The medium is filled into the seed tray and seeds are sowed after treated with a fungicide solution. Seeds are laid on the media in upward. The seed tray is then cover with a glass and kept in a shady place.

Pot culture

Gerbera pot culture
Gerbera pot culture

8 inches black plastic pots/black polythene can be used and filled up to ¾ with the medium consist with cow dung 1: leaf mould 1: sand: ½ top soils ½: coir dust ½.

Then, a 3 – 4 month old plant can be placed at the centre of the pot and medium filled by leaving a space of half inch from the top of the pot. The neck area should not be covered with the medium. After potting, a fungicide solution should be applied to the pot.

Pest and diseases and control 


Mostly mite’s damage is very high. Small irregular flowers are occurred. 80% Sulfur or Abamactine can be used to prevent.


Second most damage was from whiteflies. Admire could be sprayed 2 times per month to prevent

Leaf miner

Admire can be used to prevent. Need to apply even to the underside of the leaves.


A proper insecticide need to be used.

Ex: – Disenol dimethyl

Fungal attracts

Captan or Mancoseb can be used to prevent any of the common fungal attracts